Rating System

My very good friend who has been helping me with my blog mentioned a rating system for my reviews. She has the best ideas. I decided to go along with something that represents my blogger name and what I imagine a book would be to me. If I end up staying up past my bed time knowing that my alarm will go off in 2 - 3 hours then this book is a gem. I decided to use my gems for a 1-5 rating system. At some point I may add half gems.

Could not get past the first two chapters and refused to continue or pick the book up again. I probably won't read anything from this author
again and would not recommend this author.

Two gems to me means that it took me a lot longer than normal to finish and not due to circumstances beyond my control but more because the book wasn't a grabber. It was okay enough to finish it only because I felt I had to but not necessarily a book I would recommend. However, I may be tempted to give the author another try with a different book.

A book that I would give three stars means that it was okay. If it is a series I will probably read the next installment in the series hoping it gets better, but I won't rush to read it. If it is a standalone book then more than likely I will read another book by that author.

Four gems means I really liked this author and are -definitely trying to get other people to read this book. I may not stay up until 2am but definitely 12 am and I may even read it at lunch.

Five gems means I practically dream about the characters in this book...hehe. It also means that I will rush out to get another book by this author. I will also sneak and read at work because I would have this book on my phone, my eReader and my computer because I can't NOT read it. If a series gets five gems then I will usually get mad at someone if they won't read it because I can't really fathom why or how someone would refuse to read that series.