Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cloud Nine by Melissa A. Smith

About the book:
Cloud Nine (A Paranormal Romance of the Guardian of Man) by Melissa A. Smith
Format: Nook Book, Lendable, 221 pages
Publisher: Smith Books, Young Adult
Series: The Guardians of Man, #1


What happens when you receive a guardian angel?
What if you don't believe you need one?
What if one wants you removed?

My Thoughts:
Claire is a 17 year old high school senior whose parents seem to be too busy and leaves her to her own devices quite a bit. She wakes up one morning to get ready for school and finds a floating fog in her room named Sterling. Not only does she see a fog cloud in her room, but she can hear the voice of a male coming from the cloud in her head. Of course she believes she's dreaming. But wherever she goes, the cloud follows and can only be seen and heard by her. The cloud explains to her that he has been  sent to her as her Guardian to help her with her "needs". As a teenager she of course doesn't believe she needs anything.

Eventually Claire comes to terms, kinda, with having a Guardian which happens to be a floating cloud that she can converse with in her head. Claire then of course being the teenager she is, she begins to ask the cloud questions he's not used to. She then asks him if he can transform into a human. This is a request he's never had to grant in the past but he does for Claire. And there is the beginning of a budding romance. Once she sees him, she immediately becomes attracted to him and figures out how to shut him out of her thoughts. This confuses him because he's never had someone he's guarding shut him out of their thoughts before. He seems to experience quite a bit of 'firsts' with Claire.

Throughout all this however, Claire's ex of over six months decides he wants back in life and will do anything to get her back, including toeing the stalker line. This of course drives Sterling nuts. At one point I thought he was going to use some kind of magical power and have the ex disappear. However, Claire isn't the only one with a psycho ex. Except, Sterling's ex is also a Guardian and can appear wherever Claire is. Which she does and she also threatened her life not once but twice and the second time included a dagger.

Cloud Nine was a simple yet refreshing YA romance with a little bit of a paranormal twist to it. There were laugh out loud moments and moments where I thought I was going to cry. This is the author's first book and she is an indie author. Outside of the editing errors, I thought the book was an easy and quick read. For the price, I will definitely read the next installment to see how Claire handles Sterling's ex.

DISCLAIMER: I was in no way compensated to review this book. These are my opinions of a book in which I purchased on my own.

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