Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rot & Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

About the Book:
Rot & Ruin - Johnathan Maberry
Format: Nook Book
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: Young Adult

In the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America where Benny Imura lives, every teenager must find a job by the time they turn fifteen or get their rations cut in half. Benny doesn't want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother Tom, but he has no choice. He expects a tedious job whacking zoms for cash, but what he gets is a vocation that will teach him what it means to be human.

My Thoughts:

Rot and Ruin is my first official zombie book. I've watched zombie movies and have always found them funny because of the moaning and just how ridiculous some of the movies are. When I decided to read Rot and Ruin for my Book Bloggers 2011 challenge, I wasn't sure what to expect but I did read good and bad reviews about the book. I however, thought this book was nothing like the movies and was wonderfully written.
Benny Imura is a 15 year old boy, living in Mountainside, a community of survivors of First Night. First Night was the night that the world was taken over by zombies. The dead basically rose and when they bit you, you became one of them. If you died and weren't quieted, you rose from the dead.

At 15, Benny has to find a job in order to keep his full ration. He and his friend Chong tries to apprentice with a number of people in the community. Benny's older brother Tom, who he thinks is a big coward happens to be a well respected zombie hunter. Tom is the last person on Earth or in zombie-land Benny wants to apprentice with. Benny, thinks Tom is nothing like the other zombie hunters in town, Motor City Hammer and Charlie Pink-Eye, who all the kids enjoyed listening to when they talk about their excursions. Benny's most vivid memory of Tom on First Night is taking him and running. Running away and leaving his mom to be "chomped" on by his dad who had become one of the living dead. Unfortunately for Benny, he either has to work with Tom due to him not being able to or wanting to do any of the other jobs, or he has have his rations cut in half.

Unwillingly Benny decides to apprentice with Tom. Their first day out was a bit rough, but once Benny spent the day with his big brother learning what he does, he becomes a little less hateful towards him. Learning that these zombies aren't choosing the way they are and that they were people too and someone's family member has created some understanding and yet some confusion in Benny's mind. He then sees some other zombie hunters being down right cruel to some zombies and realize there are good zombie hunters and bad zombie hunters. The turning point in Benny's day was when he saw how Tom did his job and learning why he does it the way he does.

While out in the Ruin, Benny learns the difference between good and evil and man and monster. He also learns more about what happened in the past and comes to realize that there may be more out there than his little town of Mountainside.

Rot and Ruin was a very well written book. There were touching moments and there were a few tearful moments. There was action and sometimes a little scare here and there. Jonathan Maberry did an excellent job writing a book with well developed characters and setting. Readers will definitely get lost in the world of the Rot and Ruin. This is definitely a book I would suggest to friends.


DISCLAIMER: I was in no way compensated to review this book. These are my opinions of a book in which I purchased on my own.

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