Monday, January 2, 2012

Code Blood by Kurt Kamm

Book Synopsis
CODE BLOOD takes the reader into the world of emergency medicine, the science of stem cell research, and the unsettling world of blood fetishism and body parts. The book is an edgy L.A. Noir thriller.

Colt Lewis, a young Los Angeles County fire paramedic responds to a car accident. The victim dies in his arms. Her foot has been severed but is nowhere to be found. Who is the woman and what happened to her missing foot?

Colt risks his career to find the victim’s identity and her foot. A weeklong search leads him to a dark side of Los Angeles—into an underworld of body part dealers, underground Goth clubs and a stalker. He uncovers a tangled maze of drugs, needles, and rituals, which can only lead to death—but who is the victim?

Code Blood won a Public Safety Writer’s Association Award in 2011              

About the Author
Kurt Kamm lives in Malibu CA with his wife. He was previously a financial executive and semi-professional bicycle racer. He graduated from Brown University and Columbia Law School. He is a regular visitor to the fire stations and camps around Los Angeles and has attended several training academies.

Access to CalFire and Los Angeles County Fire Department has helped Mr. Kamm develop the factual backgrounds detailed in his firefighter mysteries. His third novel Code Blood, (October 2011), features a rookie paramedic who is drawn into the underworld of Los Angeles after he loses his first accident victim.
Previous novels are One Foot in the Black-A Wildland Firefighter's Story (2008), and Red Flag Warning - A Serial Arson Mystery (2010), winner of three first-place mystery fiction awards.

He is currently attending HazMat response classes and is working on his fourth mystery, Hazardous Material.

Visit Kurt Kamm's author/first responder website and blog at

About the Book
Code Blood was a vivid and enthralling page-turner intertwining many interesting characters. 
Fire-Fighter/Paramedic, Colt, often get emotionally attached to the victims he tries to save. This time he is especially attached and invested because the victim was a young girl with her foot missing. Colt decides he needs and wants to find out the reason why her foot was amputated and who could have or would have taken the girl's foot.

With all the additional characters, the story takes us on some wild turns which left it almost impossible for me to put the book down. I often wondered if Colt would be able to solve the mystery without becoming a victim himself. Code Blood is a fast-paced, suspenseful story that everyone should add to their to be read list this year.

Code Blood can be purchased in paperback and on the B&N Nook at here

DISCLAIMER: I was in no way compensated to review this book. This book was offered to me for review by Cadence Group

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