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Review: Lessons From An Evil Mind by Shawna Lynn

Lessons From An Evil Mind by Shawna Lynn

Book Description: It was the day I had been waiting for, the day I was to marry the love of my life.
I would have never thought I would spend that day and many more to come in a house filled with torture and evil.
I wake up, it's a new day. I look down at my hands, they are still covered in blood from the last punishment I had to endure. I wonder to myself when my body will finally give in . . . when I will die. I try not to let the depression overcome me, but with every new lesson I receive, my soul becomes weaker.
My mind begins to wonder as I think back to the day that I took another's life A chill runs through my body as I fi nd the memory hard to escape. I did not want to hurt her but I had no choice he was coming and it right thing to do.
Who would of thought me taking the life of another would bring on a chain of events that would lead to a different live . . . the life I now live.

About the Author: Shawna Lynn, born in California, raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the youngest of nine children. At 14 she met the love of her life, later marrying him at 18. Together they now have three wonderful children. Suffering from an illness at age 29 she lost her memory and became chronically ill. Determined not to let it overtake her life she returned back to school where she is presently working towards her bachelors in literature and Psychology. Thanks to her son's suggestion, she once again began to write.

My Review: Despite some grammatical errors in this book, I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. This book made me cry, laugh, get angry, get a little scared...basically go through more emotions in one sitting than I would probably go through in a month. I loved Angel and John, I got mad at Lue sometimes, however I also feared for her life. I hated the masked man and worried sometimes that he or someone like him existed. Although this book was pure fiction, I often wondered and imagined if such evil can exist in real life. At the end of the book I found myself crying and now I sit waiting for the second installment in the series.

The author is a new author and this is the first in a four book series. Lessons from an Evil Mind is disturbing in many ways but it also makes you not want to put the book down. The second book in the series, Seeds from Evil comes out in late August and it will be on my "To be read" list.

I give it:

DISCLAIMER: I was in no way compensated to review this book. These are my opinions of a book in which I purchased on my own.

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