Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thought :That Cheating Feeling

When my random thought first popped in my head, I said to myself, you have totally lost it. But no, I often have random thoughts, I just now have a place to write them down. I mentioned in my about me blurb that I recently got an eReader. Well I love that thing and I don't leave home without it. Problem is, and here is the random thought, I feel like I'm cheating on my books...LOL. I know weird...and yes I am a tad bit weird but I claim it and embrace it...LOL. So it's not that I miss buying paper books per se, it's just that I miss touching them. I do still get my fix though. Every now and then I go to the book store and walk around like I used to before my Nook. I go look at books, touch them, read the flaps or backs and then write them down to go home and put on my wish list. So for those of you out there with eReaders, do you miss just holding or touching a book ever?

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