Friday, September 3, 2010

Ethically Speaking

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble

Teaching children ethics, values, and morals has become a real challenge for parents today. These topics aren't usually covered in school curriculums, and many families no longer attend religious services, so most modern moms and dads are clamoring for a helping hand.
Ian James Corlett, an award-winning children's TV writer, was inspired to write this book as his own family grappled with this issue. When Ian's two kids were very young, he and his wife started a weekly discussion period he dubbed "Family Fun Time." Every Monday after dinner, they all sat down and Ian would tell his two kids tales about two young children, Elliott and Lucy, who were much like them.
- They hated going to the dentist.
- They were disappointed when a favorite aunt couldn't visit.
- They dreaded raking the leaves in their backyard.
Ian's kids really looked forward to these talks and they hardly even realized that the stories were serving a deeper purpose — to teach tact, understanding, and responsibility. So he decided to write these stories down to help other parents — like you. The result is in your hands: twenty-six simple, clear, original, and entertaining stories for you to read aloud with your child.
Teaching your children values, life skills, and ethics has never been so much fun!

About the Author Ian James Corlett began telling stories at a very young age. He started with hand puppets and marionettes, which segued to a ventriloquist dummy, which leap-frogged into making animated films, then evolved into student comedy shorts, then led to creating and writing animated series’ and then writing books.
Ian has written for, and/or developed many popular children’s series’ such as The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Will & Dewitt, Lunar Jim and Rescue Heroes. He has also created several original series including his namesake show, BEING IAN.
Ian is also a very well-known voice actor in the world of animation, entertainment and advertising. He is the voice of literally hundreds of animated characters including “The Conductor” on PBS’s Dinosaur Train, “Dad” in Johnny Test, “Cheetor” of Transformers/Beastwars fame and a dozen different characters including “Mr. Pop” in Dragontales. He has been the TV promo voice of Family Channel, PBS and Fox Kids, as well as commercial brands like BestBuy, McDonalds and VISA.
The father of two and husband of one for nearly 30 years, he enjoys hanging out with his kids, travel, and great food. He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and Palm Springs, California where he and his family go to escape the drip and drizzle of the west coast of Canada.
Ian’s one “vice” as he calls it, is a love of automobiles. He is most proud of his latest Porsche, a fully restored 1966. But this Porsche is a special one. Ian had it converted to 100% electric drive. With all the classic looks on the outside but sporting ultra modern and environmentally friendly technology under the hood it is Ian’s pride and joy.
Ian’s not-so-secret desire is to be a professional race-car driver and is quick to point out that Paul Newman started racing at 47! (he still has a little time...)
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My Thoughts: Being a mom of a 4 year old with a mind of his own and a very strong-willed personality and opinions, I was drawn to E is for Ethics when I began reading. I sat with my child and read it to him and he was very into it and was also able to answer the questions in the back and relate them to some of his personal experience. He enjoyed the stories so much that when I was surfing for a picture of the book for my review, he noticed it and mentioned that the book says to be polite and practice patience...LOL. Those must have been the ones that stuck the easiest. Mr. Cortlett, has written a book that will be very helpful to parents, children and even teachers when trying to teach kids values, life skills and the proper way to behave.

I give this book:

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