Saturday, October 9, 2010

Read-a-thon Update

6:52 pm PST: I'm not even sure what hour it is of the read-a-thon. Considering I started late and not even realizing it started 8EST which is 5 my time. I began at 11 am my time and I just got done with my first book. Quite a bit of distractions, but I will need to take a break to do some school work and then on to my next book.

7:38 pm PST: Getting ready to start my next book - The Red Church by Scott Nicholson 

10:25 pm PST: Not very far into my second book. Have fallen asleep, not feeling well, but I think I got my second wind so I will press on through 

12:00 am PST: I'm still going on. Sleep is calling me but I'm going to try to keep going a little longer. Still haven't put much of a dent in this book. I think because I'm tired and not feeling well.

1:00 am PST: I fell asleep. I guess this means I should go on to bed. 

Here's how I did:
# of hours read: 13.5
# of books read: 2
# of pages read: 521
Books read: Undead & Unfinished; The Red Church

This was a great experience. Hopefully next time I will more prepared. Thanks to all the cheerleaders for cheering me on


  1. Love the colors on your blog! Just keep on reading!

  2. It's getting late, this much is true;
    But you're nearing the home plate! Don't be blue!