Thursday, October 28, 2010

Totally Postal Thursday

A few big things happened this last week. I finished school, Barnes and Noble came out with a Nook Color and I burned my thumb skin off trying to make a costume. Besides all that, I was good this week...okay maybe, maybe not...LOL. Here's my list this week for Totally Postal Thursday.

  • Vixen - Jillian Larkin (ARC from Barnes and Noble for their First Look book club)
  • Do Witches Make Fishes - Jason Mayo (Children's book for review)
  • Haunted - Scott Nicholson
  • The Players (Earth - The Arena #1) - Robert Dennis Wilson
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - Lorna Landvik
  • Untamed (House of Night Series #4) - P.C Cast *NOTE: I blame my BFF for this one...LMAO...Love you Pam
So what made you totally postal this week? You can make a post on your own blog List all the books you’ve received since last Friday and then tell us how you got them and where on your TBR list they will be and then link up (direct URL, please) here:


  1. Ha! I knew you would have to catch up on that series! LOL Love you too!

  2. I knew about school and the new Nook Color, but not the thumb skin--OUCH....

  3. oh yes, hot glue is not my friend right now

  4. Sapphire,
    Hope your burned finger feels better soon!

    Thank you so much for purchasing my Sci-Fi novel, "The Players (Earth - The Arena #1)". As a newly published author I am very interested in your response to my writing. ETA-1 has only been out as an ebook for a couple of weeks and so far no one has posted a review on its B&N page. News about this novel: it should also be out as a paperback via Amazon within the next week or two.

    I have also just released as a B&N ebook the first volume of my Fantasy trilogy, "The Poison of Thorns: The Dragon's Back #1".

    Thank you for reading!

    Robert Dennis (Bob) Wilson

  5. Rob, it looked very interesting when I read the synopsis so I will definitely let you know what I think