Sunday, December 12, 2010

Resurrection - Sara Reinke

About the Book: Jay Frances has always found his ability to raise the dead more of a curse than a gift until he finds Jo Montgomery brutally murdered. Jo is the first person he's able to restore body, mind and soul, and as a mutual attraction grows between them, so, too, does someone else's interest. Jo's killer is following them now, a psychotic sadist who wants to see Jay resurrect the dead again. And again.

My Thoughts: I learned about Resurrection through Barnes and Noble's Nook boards. It was being offered as a free eBook and I thought what the heck, why not try it. If I don't like was free. Well, I'm glad I downloaded.

Resurrection begins with Jay walking back to his car from shopping for his daughter's birthday present and feeling a tingling in his hand. In Jay's mind, as much as he tried to ignore the tingle and avoid what comes next, the power that he has controls him more than he would like it to. Jay's power is to raise the dead, however, he's never been able to raise one fully with mind, body and soul. They've always been better off dead. Until of course, this day in the parking garage stairwell where he sees a woman who was brutally murdered and the tingling in his hands would not allow him to turn away.

From begin to end, the story moves quickly and grabs you. There were times I found myself thinking, is that him, is that the killer. There were a few gasps and a few times I screamed in my head 'no, no , no...that can't happen.' I felt 100% captivated by the story and I'm glad to say there is a follow up to this story that was also being offered free that I downloaded. Other than a few grammar and spelling issues, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

DISCLAIMER: I was in no way compensated to review this book. These are my opinions of a book in which I purchased on my own.


  1. Ooooh sounds interesting. Is it lendable? I think I would like this story!

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